Ever since Marie can remember, she has felt a connection to wildlife and admired their beauty and endurance to exist in an unprotected environment.

Close-up oil painting of a Whitetail 10 point buck

The level of detail and high quality makes Marie Essenberg's paintings feel life-like. If you want a realistic oil painting of an animal on canvas contact Marie for a quote on a commissioned piece.

Oil painting of a whitetail deer Oil painting of Canada Geese Oil painting of a Mallard duck Oil painting of a Florida Panther

Colored Pencil and Pastel

These small drawings are what Marie calls her "2 hour drawings" and gives you the opportunity to own an original drawing for a very reasonable price. Framed 5x7 or 8x10 sell for $49.99 - $64.99 and can also be purchased at area retail gift stores.

Watch this short video (mpg @ 18MB) to see several of her 2 hour drawings.

Colored pencil drawing of a Chickadee Colored pencil drawing of a Cardinal

Consider contacting Marie Essenberg for illustration work used in outdoor magazines, advertising for nature related products and services, books, etc.

Contact Marie for a quote on painting your wildlife art piece. Price depends on size and medium.