For over 30 years Marie has been creating oil paintings of pets providing a lasting memory of that special furry friend. Discover all her diverse fine art abilities.

Golden Retreiver Lab oil painting Springer Spaniel oil painting in the Shadow Image


Combine your pets into one unique portrait. Possible combinations are dogs, cats, horses, wildlife or small pets.

3 Great Danes combined in an oil painting Kittens on tub oil painting

The Lasting Portrait

It is said that the eyes possess the window to the inner being of any living creature and in Marie Essenberg's portraits, she seems to put the breath of life into the animals through their eyes, bringing the canvas to life. Marie provides the opportunity to preserve the memory of an animal, which is the ideal gift you can give to yourself or someone special.

"It is my desire to create a piece of art that will capture the animal so you will
feel it's presence even after it has passed away.
That is a tribute to the Creator of all living things."
Composite of many animal eyes from my paintings, some even blink!

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