In an artists humble beginnings, pencil drawing is at the heart of it - before the world of color (except for crayons). Pencil can be used to draw sketches in their simplistic form, however Marie chooses to use the medium to create detailed drawings to capture the personality of the person, animal, or part of nature. It is all about the details. Our eyes reveal those details if we only take the time to look. And Marie does.

Pencil portrait of a grandchild Pencil portrait of a young boy

Portrait of a Child or a Pet

A pencil drawing can be an affordable way to capture the personality of a child at different stages of their life and can make a wonderful gift as well. An unframed 8x10 portrait of a child is only $95.

Or Marie can draw a pencil portrait of your favorite pet showing the detail and texture of their fur and expression in their eyes.

3 German Shepherd drawing in the Shadow Image Pencil drawing of a pet poodle Pencil drawing of a pet bunny

Images of Nature

Nature presents an excellent visual that can inspire any type of drawing, especially when it is drawn close-up. Marie enjoys taking a piece of nature and enlarging it, so you can enjoy it in all of it's glory. This way you don't miss out on the uniqueness that every part of nature has. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Pencil drawing of some daisies Pencil drawing of a thistle flower Pencil drawing of some wild berries

To have Marie do a custom drawing for you contact her with the details. If the pencil drawing is of a person or a pet, she will need you to provide some photos to work from.