Illustrations can increase the retention of what a person reads, adding more value to the learning experience. Marie's illustrations have been used in a large variety of ways like:

Pen and ink drawing of a 10 point whitetail buck Pen and ink illustration of the Baby Jesus in a crib

Pen and Ink Illustrations

Pen and ink illustrations work well for magazines or book production since they are black and white, keeping the printing cost down. They can also be used for a rendering of a business architecture. These examples represent the fine detail work that Marie is known for.

Illustration of a Lady Slipper flower Architectural pen and ink drawing of a business building Pen and ink illustration of a Fox Squirrel

Color Pen and Ink Illustrations

Color can be added to any pen and ink drawing and can easily replace a photo in any media you need to use it in.

Composite of illustrations used for a safety training video Illustration of a lift truck tipping over

Computer Graphic Illustrations

The following examples of computer graphics show the more lighthearted appeal an illustration can bring to a piece of marketing material. They are custom drawn to fit whatever needs to be represented. And as you can see, they can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Computer graphic created of warning flags on a beach Computer graphic created of an actual airplane Graphic design advertising for an OBGYN Billboard design for a business

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