As an artist of many years, when the age of creating designs on a computer began, Marie began right along with it. Over the years Marie has created a plethora of ads for a large variety of businesses.

The use of the designs are just as varied and include:

Billboard campaign for getting a mammogram Public service ad for not smoking Graphic Design for a carpet business Self promotion ad for a national billboard company


As you can see, Marie has experience in creating a design for any marketing / advertising need. To make your advertising dollars successful, it is critical that we ask you the right questions to understand your business to achieve your desired outcome. Some of the questions will be:

Business card and logo for an auto body shop Business card for an auto repair shop Identity and business card for a cleaning business Business card and logo Logo for a financial business


Keeping a consistent look and feel to your marketing material is important for brand identity. Visually a customer will know right away who is advertising just by the look of the ads. Here are two examles of good visual identity that Marie created.

Marketing material including business card, flyer, and brochure Campaign print material for a politician

Web Site Design

With the electronic age in full swing, it is important that your marketing not only work in print media, but in the digital media as well. Marie is not only able to design the look and feel for your web site, but can code the web site in XHTML too.

These small drawings are what Marie calls her "2 hour drawings" and gives you the opportunity to own an original drawing for a very reasonable price. Framed 5x7 or 8x10 sell for $49.99 - $64.99 and can also be purchased at area retail gift stores.

This is an example of some Flash work (swf @ 76k) Marie has created.

Watch this short Flash video (swf @ 500k) to see several of her web site designs.

Web site design for a furniture business

Contact Marie for a quote on a design work.