There has never been a time that I wondered if I could draw or thought about if I should. I just did it, as if that's what everyone does. In fact for many years I really believed that everyone could draw and paint, because it came so easily for me. When I finally made the discovery that I am uniquely gifted, it was then that I explored options of using my talent as a career.

Photograph of Marie Essenberg


For 30 years I have been creating oil paintings of people's pets, many of them as memorials, and some where in that time the age of electronics developed in a way that allowed artists to create designs on the computer. And so I taught myself all the software that did just that. I still strive to stay up on all the latest software and technology.

"It is my desire to create a piece of art that will capture the animal so you will
feel it's presence even after it has passed away.
That is a tribute to the Creator of all living things."


Music has always been a big part of my life, so for inspiration and to calm my senses, I always have music playing while I draw, paint or design. Many types of music influence me. Our Music Director at Kainay Community Church is Jeff Steele who is an excellent musician and singer. He wrote a song called "Feeble Hands" and with his permission, I have included the sound file (mp3 @ 3.7MB) for your listening enjoyment. This is the type of music that sets my mind at rest.


One of the most satisfying and successful ways I receive new business is by being a part of BNI (Business Networking International), where I give referrals and receive them as well. It is a national company and has an excellent proven track record. Learn more about being a member of BNI and contact Marie if you would like to visit the Port City Professionals chapter in Muskegon, Michigan.

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